Oh my, it's video time 

You might think we'd be putting our feet up after the release of Madame Beaujolais but you'd be wrong, very wrong.  Over the past couple of weeks we've been scouring the internet for copyrighted images to use in a shoddily put together, appallingly low budget video to support the song (and cash in on those sweet YouTube dollars) and now it is online for you all to watch, enjoy and potentially experience an epileptic fit to.  You're welcome.

First Gig - Nambucca 1st April 

Attention all babes, the rumours are true, we have just confirmed our first ever gig and it'll be taking place at the lovely Nambucca on the 1st April.  As it's our first gig it'll probably be shit, let's be honest, but don't let that put you off as the other bands are great and you never know, we might just smash it.  The night kicks off at 7pm, go to our shows page to get tickets or check out the Facebook event page for more info, BOOM.


We're Online! 

So here we are; after much work the official site of the babez has finally gone online.  Like Odysseus gazing upon his beloved Ithaca after his tortuous journey home from the Trojan war, we too now look upon our home in the digital realm after weeks of occasional toil.  And it's alright.  It's not great, but it's not terrible, and we can't be arsed to work on it any more because it's been well boring.  

There is some good stuff though, you can listen to our first single Madame Beaujolais on any page (we…Read more

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